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"Human progression has brought our generation to a time when all persons can imagine a life under a solid roof, children can enjoy an education, and adults a job opportunity, no matter their geographic location or demographic constitution."

~ Flash Construct's Founder




The creation of a sustainable and acceptable levels of living for displaced persons, refugees and inhabitants of shanty towns. Through innovative development and redevelopment models FC builds bridges between the public and private sectors culminating in economically sustainable job creation, housing and education plans for classically impoverished peoples.

The key is sustainability. Remove the forced dependency on provided aid for survival. By implementing plans for job creation and bolstering the current education programs Flash Construct will give occupants of its projects the tools to succeed. The key to this platforms are perception catalysts. A perception catalyst is a concept used to open the proverbial minds eye to a new idea, the concept of attainment through motivation.

Flash Construct puts forth a simple concept – the creation and understanding of potential.

The programs implemented are not there to give these persons everything, rather to loosen the socio-economic bounds holding them down and open there lives to the potential of building better lifestyles for themselves. Through basic education programs the children can attain knowledge and education that can help carry them to a better future. The adults can be given the potential to attain jobs, the motivational hunger to drive and succeed. Through these steps the inhabitants of their areas can reach out and better their own lives, buying and building solid roofs above their heads, providing food for themselves and their family. The empowerment of a community. Through these steps FC will to create a positive and sustainable lifecycle.

The betterment of their future, not just their life.


Sustainability – Creating an atmosphere of efficiency and productivity were stagnation is present. That money is not the issue, understanding is. FC programs are designed to minimize costs to the investors. Innovative new building models are used to minimize costs of infrastructure work while sustainable education systems are used to teach the recipients perception catalysts.

With the proper marriage of public and private sectors involved a positive outcome for the inhabitants of these areas can be created. A sustainable life cycle of betterment though motivation driven life changes.



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