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Flash Construct (FC) is a Social Enterprise structured as a multi-faceted consulting firm. Through strategic partnerships with firms in Africa, FC now offers a broad range of business opportunities designed to broaden and deepen the potential for a select range of business markets. Foremost, FC is a humanitarian organization striving to create sustainability in the lives of displaced persons living in refugee camps. To accomplish this goal FC has two separate divisions.


International Trade


Through strategic partnerships in Africa FC has formed an international products brokerage. Using innovative discovery processes, FC locates new products and introduces them onto the African continent, building export potential in the United States. For more information, click here.


The profits from this division are used as the base capital to fund the second division of the business.



Humanitarian Development


Structured as a consulting firm, this division focuses on populations of refugees, displaced persons and residents of shanty towns. Using innovative new social engineering models, FC has created long term solutions based in sustainability and self sufficiency. FC only focuses on places where the classical systems of support, whether through refugee camp structure or other, have failed to cover the needs of the people. For more information, click here.




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