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FC was created for one simple reason, to create potential for individuals that have no visible future. Following a realists approach to the situations, FC focuses on the many variables in existence, "thinking outside the box", FC builds sustainable solutions to current problems. In reality there are no "what ifs", "maybes" or "if onlys". Rather there are persons living unmanageable lives in degredated conditions with no foreseeable solution. FC creates that solution.


It is unacceptable that a child of fifteen (15) will have never seen the outside of the refugee camp they were born in, that a healthy man or woman has no potential for livelihood to support their family. Freedom is not a commodity that must be bought, it is our natural right as human beings to exercise.



The classical refugee camp model is very successful, but if there is not a consistent flow of refugees into and out of the camp, then the model has faltered. Refugee camps are temporary models designed to supply the bare minimum in habitat resources to persons in need of a safe environment. When this bare minimum is not met, FC steps in. Through innovative new operating procedures, solutions can be found to rebuild the lives of refugees and displaced persons. FC builds financing for its humanitarian wing through for profit business. There is a finite amount of aid monies in the world which FC does not view as a reliable operating constant.


Through private investment FC creates a model where private business is the backbone of a humanitarian cause. With this model all parties involved can gain from the end product, enticing more business to participate in this innovative new social enterprise.



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