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Bridging the gap between public and private sectors is the key to building long term sustainable solutions for failed aid programs. Its time to think "outside the box" and use new solutions to old problems, not to prolong the situations, but solve them in an ethical and timely manner. The adoption of an idealist point of view has become prevalent in Western society, often stating that a little more time is needed until all the prerequisite variables are in place for the perfect solution. These idealists tell the population to wait one week, one month, even one year. For the individuals in the refugee camps, even one week can turn into an eternity of waiting. FC acts now. We take the variables around us, and build creative sustainable solutions now. When an aid program can no longer sustain the situation, FC steps in. FC does not define its programs or projects to a specific industry or region. This is the revolutionary creation of a brand of development based on the marriage of humanitarianism and capitalism.


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The modern world is obsessed with the concept of a triple bottom line. This idea often boils down to one major question: What does this business do for the people?


There does not need to be a clash between humanitarian action and profitability. These two ideologies can work together in productive unison creating a business model of the future. FC is based on the concept of using a for profit business based of one business model to privately fund a humanitarian cause based of a fully separate second business model. The two entities are housed under the same organization built to function in unison. The inspiration of this business super structure is one goal, creating sustainable solutions for refugees and displaced persons.



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