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Traditional models of humanitarian aid have a high success rate. FC focuses on the small percentage of locations where the traditional models, such as refugee camps, no longer function properly.



When referring to refugee camps FC selects camps that have stagnated for eight years or more. FC defines stagnation as a time when the flow of refugees into and out of the camp has not been sustainable, and where the infrastructure, whether physical or social service, can no longer properly sustain the population.


When creating development projects, FC takes a realist approach on creating innovative models that focus on using the resources at hand to create quick sustainable solutions.


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Key Principles the Projects will deal with:

· Internationally Excepted Set of Humanitarian Laws - The projects are run under strict guidelines adhering to humanitarian laws. The individuals being helped are the purpose of the projects, hence their rights are paramount.

· Women’s Rights - These projects are designed to help everyone in the refugee camps, in order to do so an important step is to protect women’s rights, creating equal potential for men and women.

· Cultural and Tribal Issues - Protecting the rights of each and every group involved.




Sustainability is the backbone of FCs projects. Based on this concept FC strives to set the benchmark for sustainable humanitarian development by integrating new products into the development plans that reduce costs and carbon foot print.


Considering the desolate location of many refugee camps power supply can be in short demand. With the heavy expense of alternative energy, it currently is not an economic reality for refugee needs to be able to provide adequate lighting needs for a safe and healthy nighttime environment. These issues are paramount in providing the proper environment for FC to create positive lifestyles. Through this need FC builds partnerships with companies designing and building innovative new technologies that solve these issues.



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