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An anonymous endorsement from a reader in New Zealand:

"This was the most effective source of information I have been able to find on this topic - and man did I cry and cry for the refugees of Dadaab. The way you made us realize that this was meant to be temporary, that donors forget over time and yet the situation for the refugees only gets worse was the most important message. The world needs to know this..."

FC needs your help in promoting its cause, together we can accomplish exponentially more.

Flying Blue Club Africa PDF Print E-mail

FC is honored to be featured in Flying Blue Club Africa, Air France/KLM's portal to business development in Africa. FC was chosen to be showcased in the exclusive Biz4Biz section:

"Biz4Biz Club Africa showcases the best examples of companies actively supporting local sustainable business projects in African nations."

Nathaniel Persky: “Bringing real jobs to African refugee camps”

Refugees that have been living in refugee camps for many years need a way to – literally – work on their future. They are desperately looking to shape their lives, to earn a living and boost their self esteem. Nathaniel Persky has found a way to offer just that, by bringing in factory and assembly work to the camps. Jobs for refugees in the camps: “It´s a humanitarian approach with a capitalist mindset,” Nathaniel Persky explains.


To continue reading the article please click here.


FC would like to thank Arjen van der Sar of Van der Sar Communicatie – Frisse Ideeën, Verse Teksten, for his time in interviewing FC's principle and writing this article.

TheShirt2010 PDF Print E-mail

FC would like to thank Steve Hall for posting information about the company on his blog. The power of networking, Day 127 + 29 on the The Shirt 2010.


A personal letter from Steve explaining his initiative:

My name is Steve Hall. I am a Brit who lives in Spain and who loves football.

I have recently finished cycling to all the 92 football league clubs in England and Wales. I set off in May and finished on 23 September 2010. I was met with almost universal kindness, hospitality and friendship. This blog follows my progress.

Why am I doing this? My aim is very clear. I want to help to raise awareness for the world’s 45 million refugees. I am not looking to raise money. I am simply focused on raising the level of awareness for this huge global issue.

Please check through the site to learn more about the project, the people involved and how you can also help and get involved.



To read more check out his blog here.




Flash Construct Opens a New Division PDF Print E-mail

Do You Want To Make Some Money?

CALLING ALL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS! FC has partnered with companies in Africa to create a international products brokerage, exporting new and innovative products to the African Continent. We Need Your Help! FC now needs products! Do you or anyone you know hold an influential position at there company?

What does this mean?

This person is a major shareholder/owner/partner, basically they can influence the  business towards a new market.

The business produces a tangible product, and has the facilities to increase production as needed.

For more information click here.

Help Us Build an Online Library PDF Print E-mail

Calling all students and graduates!

We are compiling academic papers to create an online library on our website! Do you have well written research papers from school collecting dust? Want to help make a difference?

Do you have papers on the following topics:

  • Global Trade
  • Trade with Africa
  • Refugee Development
  • Conflict in Somalia
  • Refugee Camps
If your interested in being a part of a movement to better the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees submit your papers! All papers will be properly credited back to you, FCs library is simply a medium for people to gain knowledge from your hard work. Education is key to understanding local and global issues.
Please submit your papers to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !




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