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Survival of the Fittest PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nathaniel Persky   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008 00:00



The price of oil has been a constant defining factor to many major industries of the world. The global dependency on gasoline is appalling. Without gasoline it could be arguable stated that the western industrialized countries of the world would fully collapse without any recourse. This essay will start with an introduction and definition of the major problems that the oil industry poses to the world. From the very beginning it will be apparent that we need to distance ourselves from the oil industry. The benchmark this papers sets as our target is zero gasoline usage in vehicular travel, a zero emissions standard. We will study many alternatives being used today to combat this gasoline dependency, both the positive and negative aspects of each. Unfortunately, we will not be able to study every option in development, but we will cover the major alternatives. The last section of this paper is dedicated exclusively to electric possibilities, and we will prove through systematic analysis of the different options how electric vehicles are the best option for a clean oil free future. Not only can electric technology be honed to nearly zero emissions, but the technology is already in use, just not on the mass scale yet. This essay will systematically prove that when considering the complications of today’s oil climate, the cleanest and most attainable solution for the future is electric vehicles over the many alternative fuel options on the market.





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